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🌃 Goodbye Stalin: Analyzing Russian Cinema
🤔 Problem Space

For our final project in Data Science I, my partners and I analyzed a database of cinemetrics (data about shot length, shot frequency, and so on) in order to understand how political trends influenced Russian cinema during a particular period.

We wanted to evaluate whether there was a statistically significant and observable change in films after Stalin mandated Soviet realism, and then another change after he died.

🛠 Process

We scraped the website, de-duplciated entries, and then performed a time-series analysis with ANCOVA.

Once we identified the themes, my partner and I collaboratively drafted a document that acted as a charter for the organization, outlining the expectations for participants. open data-related paraprofessional organization.

🎉 Outcomes

We delivered our findings to our data science class. Ours was the only project that focused on the digital humanities, so we had to introduce some key concepts related to humanistic inquiry and film studies to the class during the presentation.